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Jim Grigsby is an accomplished and respected author who has published dozens of articles about revenue cycle management, management, mentoring and staff development, process improvement, disaster recovery, HIPAA,  and professional certification.

Jim Grigsby is a nationally respected healthcare finance and business speaker. Using a highly interactive style and combining humor with subject matter expertise he has presented to HFMA and AAHAM chapters across the country about diverse topics, including: Effective Written Business Communication, Mentoring and Staff Development, Problem Solving, Revenue Cycle Management, Disaster Recovery, HIPAA, Healthcare Technology and Professional Certification.

Don't Tick off the Gators!

Jim's first book Don't Tick Off The Gators! Managing Problems Before Problems Manage You  was published by Rainbow Books Inc. in 2006.

Are you surrounded by Jerks?
Stories That Came to Mind

His second book, Are you surrounded by Jerks? was e--published by Smashwords in 2011, and Jim's most recent book, Stories That Came To Mind was e-published by Smashwords in 2012.

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